Digital archives are online

The archives of NESCent's digital assets are meanwhile online.

Public archive at Zenodo

All public and a few available-upon-request items is hosted at Zenodo in a custom (user) collection named "nescent". The content of this archive includes dumps of NESCent's public wikis, source code repository snapshots, annual reports, policies, and NSF site visit documents.

Protected archive at Duke Libraries

Duke Libraries's institutional repository hosts a collection of all access-protected digital artifacts produced by NESCent's visitors and staff, including an archive of NESCent's administrative database, and for each working group, catalysis meeting, and visiting scholar an archive of their mailing list, wiki, and file share.

NESCent is closing

As you may be aware, NESCent is closing in June 2015. Over the past 10 years, NESCent and NESCent scientists have created many websites, datasets, software packages and other online content. If you were part of a NESCent-funded project, there is a April 13, 2015 deadline for updating products or obtaining copies of NESCent-hosted resources.

Inventory of NESCent products

When NESCent closes, we will deposit with Duke Libraries an archive of the digital artifacts that resulted from the scientific projects, activities, and operations of the Center. The major public component of this archive will be an inventory of all NESCent projects and associated products.

For each project, the inventory will list private artifacts in the archive (mailing lists, wikis, participant records) and publicly available products (journal articles, source code, data sets). We have posted examples of inventory entries for a few projects.

Analysis of NESCent products will help to understand the impact of NSF's investment in evolutionary synthesis and inform future synthesis activities both in the US and globally ( We therefore plan to deposit a copy of the inventory in a public digital repository, likely Zenodo or Figshare.

If you have citations to products - publications, software, data, grants or other research artifacts - that are not already in the NESCent database, please take the time to add these before April 13, 2015. If you aren't sure what products are already associated with your project, you can search for your project on the NESCent project page (see an example project page).

Please help us to fully record the impact that NESCent has had on the evolutionary biology community.

NESCent hosted content

If you have NESCent-hosted content (wiki, mailing list, DSCR account, or other resource) associated with your project, please see our description of what will happen to NESCent assets. If you want a copy of your content, contact us before April 13, 2015.

After that, archived content is available from the NESCent collection in Duke's Digital Repository. Previously public content is also available from the NESCent collection on Zenodo.