Digital asset plan

If you had a wiki, mailing list, Duke Cluster account or other online resource through NESCent, this page describes what will happen to that resource when NESCent closes. There will also be a (largely private) digital archive of all NESCent resources placed in the Duke Institutional Repository.

Deadline for transfer: If you want copies of your NESCent wiki, mailing list or other content, please email before April 13, 2015.

If you have questions, please email

Wikis and mailing lists

NESCent has provided a wiki and mailing list for all NESCent working groups and catalysis meeting. You can search the list of wikis and mailing lists on the NESCent website.

MediaWiki sites

If your group started before 2012, you probably have a MediaWiki site. These are the wikis that look like Wikipedia; see an example). These are hosted at NESCent and will go offline in summer 2015. Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply save an entire MediaWiki site in a human-readable form. Here are some options (warning: none of them are easy options, and almost all require some computational skill):

There are a number of available parsers for converting from XML and wikitext into other formats.

Wikispaces sites

If your group started after 2012, you probably have a Wikispaces site (see an example). These sites are hosted at Wikispaces under their free educational plan, so they will not disappear once NESCent closes. If you are not already an organizer of your Wikispaces site (check, we will promote you. Then, you have full control over your site. To download an archive of the site (included uploaded files), go to Settings->Exports/Backups (URL is For more information, see the Wikispaces Help.

Mailing lists

Some groups (generally those using MediaWiki rather than Wikispaces) also had separate mailing lists. These lists will not longer be accessible once NESCent closes. We can provide the membership of the list and an archive of all email correspondence, in HTML with one message per HTML page.

DSCR accounts

If you had an account on the Duke Shared Cluster Resource, you will need to move the files in your home directory to another location (noting that the DSCR was never to be a permanent home for data). All accounts on the DSCR need to be associated with an existing campus group, so unless you have another affiliation on Duke campus, your account will be deleted once NESCent closes.

Source code

All NESCent source code is open source and available from the NESCent GitHub organization, which will remain online after NESCent closes. We also provide a summary of all NESCent repositories.

NESCent website

Duke will continue to host the NESCent website for at least 5 years after NESCent closes. In addition, we will place an archive of the site at the Internet Archive.

Hosted applications

If NESCent hosts an application that is the product of your NESCent project, you should have already received an email about transferring that application to another institution and / or sending an archive of the data. All source code for NESCent-hosted applications is open source and available from the NESCent GitHub organization.